Concrete Equipment Transport

Until recently we’ve been in the market of transporting restaurant equipment exclusively.  It was a decision made by the previous leadership team simply due to the suppliers and customers we were already in contact with.  It was easier to find new partners by sharing testimonials and experiences from other people in the same industry.  But all that changed last week.  As of last Friday, we now transport any kind of equipment that needs to be moved from state to state, so long as it doesn’t require any special licensing to transport it.

Our newest customer is Albany Concrete Contractors, a concrete company based in Albany, New York.  The provide several concrete services, such as concrete repair for local homeowners.  They’ve built sidewalks, driveways, concrete walkways, patios, and more.  Their sister company in Florida requested to send concrete grinding equipment to Albany, but they needed transportation services that could handle a very heavy weight load.  We took on the project and were able to load all the equipment into the vehicles in 25 minutes.  The drive from Florida took 4 days, arriving this morning at 8:00 AM.

Upon arrival, we unloaded the concrete repair equipment at Albany Concrete Contractors’ main building.  Shortly thereafter, we had a brief chat with their Chief Executive Officer about a continued partnership.  He envisions opening several other locations for his concrete service in Albany and just outside of the city in either Latham or Cohoes.  If that occurs, we’ll have a strong partnership for the foreseeable future.