Now Offering Commercial Vent Hood Installation in Dallas

The transportation business has its ups and downs just like any other industry. The recent changes in regulations led by the Trump presidency has created a situation where we are experiencing shrinking margins. We no longer earn as much revenue for transporting goods from state to state, but our expenses have remained the same. As such, we need to make a competitive move to diversify our services into more profitable areas of work. Starting today, in partnership with Dallas Hood Cleaning, located at, we will now offer commercial vent hood installation in Dallas, Texas.

Commercial vent hood installation was one of many options we had on the table. We could have offered hood cleaning services, expanded our transportation division to head out west instead of northeast, or removed the division completely. We chose commercial vent hood installation because it’s a service that every restaurant and commercial kitchen needs. New restaurants open daily and there is a strong need for competent vent hood installers in the Dallas area. Checking into the search volume online, hundreds of people look for this service each day. If we’re able to capture just a fraction of that volume, we’ll have added a second thriving division to the company.

Whether the commercial kitchen is starting from scratch or needs a vent hood replacement, we can help. We’ll purchase the materials directly from the manufacturer, transport it to the business location, install the hood, hook up the ventilation, and set up all the air filters. Afterwards, Dallas Hood Cleaning will perform a thorough inspection to ensure the kitchen is in compliance will all Texas health and safety codes.

Our initial target area will be Oak Lawn, the upscale district, just north of the city center. Research shows this area is rapidly growing and will be the perfect market to start. From there, we’ll expand outward through Dallas and possibly into the DFW region.