Top Five Transportation Industry Trends to Watch Out For

The transportation industry is ever-changing and in the years to come, it will continue to evolve and evolve, hopefully for the better. Brace yourselves and watch out for this top five  upcoming cool and new trends in the transportation industry.

  1. Self-Driving Automobiles

This one has been in the works for a while but will soon come into a reality for everyone. Although it is still currently in its early stages of development and testing, it will not be long when self-driving automobiles will become commercialized and we can see them on the streets. There are concerns about how safe self-driving automobiles are but developers are working towards these issues. This is one trend in the transportation industry that everyone should be excited about, especially for those who are long-haul drivers.

  1. Better and Smarter GPS Devices

GPS has been one of the driver’s best friends for years. The technology is nothing new but the upcoming trend in the transportation industry is a better and smarter next-gen GPS devices. It will be more versatile and will be able to have more features and functions, such as planning your next road trip (it will be able to plan the routes, pitstops, detours, time itineraries, etc.), suggest routes when stuck in traffic or during bad weather, or remember a favorite route to places you always go to.

  1. Improved Public Transportation

A trend in the transportation industry that everyone can really be excited about – the improvement of the public transportation system to make it safer, eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and just overall less stressful for the commuters. Currently, there are several developments which aim to address the common issues in the public transportation system, namely high-resolution CCTV cameras, GPS devices, Wi-Fi connectivity, effective traveler information systems, automated passenger counting system, smart ticketing, and electronic payment options. Several major cities all over the world, such as Abu Dhabi in UAE, are also starting to adopt the personal transportation pods, which can only sit one passenger per pod. This is to reduce the risk of crime like pickpocketing common in public transportation. Less urban areas may also soon adopt this transportation technology.

  1. Electric / Hybrid Buses and Trucks

Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of the electric/hybrid automobiles in the transportation industry. It has gain enough traction that developers are now thinking of converting public buses and freight trucks into electric/hybrid. Using electric/hybrid public buses and trucks have less impact to the environment compared to the diesel-driven vehicles. It can decrease the CO2 emission levels in most cities, which is the primary cause to the problematic air pollution and other serious environmental issues we are dealing with right now. However, the conversion from diesel to electric/hybrid can be quite costly, so a lot of countries are slow to embrace this new technology. But with new developments each day, the outlook for this upcoming transportation industry trend can be optimistic.


  1. High-Speed Rail Networks

Ever since the Shinkansen bullet train was opened to the public in Japan on 1964, many countries have been following suit in trying to develop and introduce their own high-speed rail networks. There has not been much progress until recently, when interest is starting to pick up again. The United States is currently looking into developing ten high-speed rail networks in the country. Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is developing the Hyperloop, a high-speed underground rail which in its initial test has the speed of 240 mph. It is expected that the rail network will have three times of that speed when it is finished.