New Service: Assembly & Disassembly of Restaurant Equipment

Dear customers, as many of you know, we at Mezzanine Transit try very hard to be attentive and responsive to your needs.  We receive hundreds of emails and calls each month with ideas on how we can improve out service offerings, so we want to thank you for taking the time to submit your ideas.  While we aren’t able to respond to every inquiry we receive, we do read them all and consider it.

One of the latest ideas that landed in our inbox was to contract with a company to put together and take apart large machinery before and after transportation.  This is a frequent problem with our restaurant customers because of the time commitment and expense.  Prior to today, we charged a fee for assembly and disassembly because it’s not our specialty.  However, all of that changes now.

Today, we are happy to announce our brand new service offering of assembly and disassembly.  Mezzanine Transit has partnered with the restaurant hood cleaning professionals at to offer disassembling and setting up of all restaurant hood and kitchen equipment. Through this collaboration, we’re now able to take apart the equipment at pick-up, transport it, and reinstall it upon delivery.  This added service enables us to offer complete transportation solutions to any size restaurant.  Furthermore, we will no longer charge a service fee; this offering will now be free to all customers.

Thank you for supporting us.  Keep sending your ideas and we promise to evaluate all possible solutions to help you grow.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me directly at


Mike Klein
Senior Operations Manager, PMP